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CCPBioSim is constantly developing tutorials and training material, covering both basic concepts and advanced biomolecular simulation methods. Most are now available to members at any time through our cloud-based training platform, which means they can be run from a web browser directly, without the need to download or install anything on your own computer. Recordings of lectures are available on our YouTube channel.

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icon chemshell biosimulation

Basic MD Data Analysis with MDTraj

icon chemshell biosimulation

Basic MD Statistical Analysis

icon chemshell biosimulation

Introduction to PCA Analysis

icon chemshell biosimulation

Introduction to PROPKA

icon chemshell biosimulation

Analysis of Ubiquitin


Introduction to Amber MD


Introduction to FESetup

Longbow logo

Introduction to Longbow: a job submission tool


Introduction to ISAMBARD

FE Analysis

Introduction to Free Energy Analysis


Introduction to QM/MM Modelling of Enzyme Reactions

Markov logo

Introduction to Markov State Modelling

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Introduction to Python for Biomolecular modelling

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Introduction to BioSimSpace

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Introduction to ProtoMS

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Introduction to Reduce and Propka

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Introduction to Equilibration