Computational Chemistry - Gordon Research Seminar

Event Date/s: From Saturday 23 July 2016
To Sunday 24 July 2016


computational chemistry grs


The Gordon Research Seminar on Computational Chemistry is a unique forum for graduate students, postdocs, and other junior scientists to share their work and exchange ideas for two days immediately preceding the associated Gordon Research Conference. The format is similar to a Gordon Conference, with an emphasis on extended discussion in a congenial environment of peers. Attendees should submit an abstract of their work and are encouraged to apply for oral presentations, which will be chosen from submitted abstracts. 

The gap between computation and experiment continues to decrease, allowing for rigorous modeling of complex systems on similar timescales. In this seminar we will focus on topics that cover a broad range of disciplines, spanning quantum chemical calculations to molecular simulations, with the objective of cross-pollination between the diverse branches of computational chemistry. We encourage participants to interpret connection to experiment in the broadest sense: from improving accuracy of predictions, to implementing new methods that facilitate quantitative comparison, to showcasing novel results. Participants from all branches of computational chemistry and related disciplines will be represented. 

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