The Collaborative Computational Project for Biomolecular Simulation (CCPBioSim) aims to bring the UK biochemistry and biophysics communities together by providing training, events and software tools.

CCPBioSim is the Collaborative Computational Project in biomolecular simulation at the life sciences interface, bringing together chemists, physicists and chemical engineers as well as researchers from all branches of "molecule-oriented" biochemistry and biology.

Simulations help to analyse how enzymes catalyse biochemical reactions, and how proteins adopt their functional structures e.g. within cell membranes. They contribute to the design of drugs and catalysts, and in understanding the molecular basis of disease. Our aim is to involve experimentalists and computational specialists in this work, sharing the belief that the best science can be done when theory and experiment are closely integrated.

CCPBioSim engages with early career researchers and non-experts through the provision of tutorials and workshops enabling them to become proficient and productive users of biomolecular simulation techniques. We are also actively engaged in developing new advanced methods, which in future will be used by our community to deliver new and exciting science. See the image below for examples of work we do in the different areas.

CCPBioSim community meeting

CCPBioSim is lead by the management group and supported by staff effort through the STFC/CoSeC service level agreement.

CCPBioSim logo slide

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