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archive.png FESetup 1.2.1
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A tool to automate setup for alchemical relative free energy simulations with Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo, and a tool for general simulation setup like equilibration.

Citation: A detailed description has been published in DOI: 10.1021/acs.jcim.5b00368. Please cite this when you use FESetup.

Documentation: The FESetup documentation can be found here.

Support: A mailing list for user support can be subscribed to here.

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Other Software:

FFEA - Fluctuating Finite Element Analysis.

Longbow - a HECBioSim tool for HPC job submission.

ProtoMS - a complete protein Monte Carlo free energy simulation package.

Sire - a complete python/C++ molecular simulation framework, particularly focussed around Monte Carlo, QM/MM and free energy methods.

PCAZIP - a toolkit for compression and analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories.

COCO - a tool to enrich an ensemble of structures, obtained e.g. from NMR.

Handy Routines for Ptraj/Cpptraj - additional analysis methods for ptraj and cpptraj.