The High-End Computing consortium for Biomolecular Simulation (HECBioSim) has launched its web portal. This web portal is intended to be used as the primary means to apply for consortium time on ARCHER. Academics interested in applying for time for HECtime on ARCHER, are able to do this through new online forms. There is a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps needed to successfully submit an applications to HECBioSim.

This is not the only thing that the online web portal has to offer, users will find that there is a forum where they can post to ask for advice on best practices or for support whilst using HPC etc. There are wikis that contain user guides for HECBioSim produced software, or basic how-to's aimed at beginner users. These resources are aimed at being community driven so HECBioSim encourages the community to get involved and contribute to these resources.

Users will also be able to download software/tools/utilities as they are released through the software repositories. All this and more, just visit the HECBioSim website for more