New Chair for HECBioSim

From 1 November 2018, Syma Khalid will be taking over as the chair of HECBioSim (the High End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulations). Dr. Khalid is a Professor of Computational Biophysics within the Department of Chemistry at the University of Southampton. Her research involves the application of computational techniques to the study of large biological molecules and systems including bacterial outer membrane proteins and nucleic acids.

BioSimSpace Webinar

 BioExcel Webinar: BioSimSpace – filling the gaps between molecular simulation codes (2018-06-27)

CCPBioSim Training Week 2018

 Another successful training event.

Registration for ScotCHEM 2018

Registration is open for the QM/MM Workshop and ScotCHEM Conference in St Andrews. This event takes place Thursday 14 June 2018 and Friday 15 June 2018. If you would like to be considered for a contributed talk, please tick the appropriate box on the registration form and send an abstract no later than 25 May 2018. More details about registration can be found here.

Vacancy for Computational Scientist at Daresbury Lab

We have a vacancy at Daresbury Laboratory for a computational scientist to join CoSeC, the Computational Science Centre for Research Communities based at STFC, to work on projects of benefit to the CCPBioSim community. The closing date for applications is 30 October 2017. For more information and to apply, please go here.

CCPBioSim Training Week A Great Success!

The CCPBioSim training week saw another jam packed schedule of short training courses aimed at researchers interested in biomolecular simulation. The event was well attended with between 30 and 40 delegates.......

Going Social!


CCPBioSim and HECBioSim are now on twitter!

HECtime Calculator Ready for Action!


The HECtime calculator has finally arrived! This calculator is designed to assist users with applying for consortium time on ARCHER.

CCPBioSim @ CCP5 Summer School


Dr Syma Khalid and Dr Richard Henchman attended the CCP5 Summer School to give an advanced 3 day module on Biolmolecular Simulation.

CCPBioSim & HECBioSim @ NSCCS AMBER Workshop 2015


Dr Hannes Loeffler and Dr James Gebbie-Rayet (Invited Speaker) attended the NSCCS AMBER Workshop - 6th to 10th of July 2015.