CCPBioSim is active in supporting and engaging with the biosimulation community. One of the ways we do this is by sponsoring events, such as conferences and workshops. Below is a list of events that CCPBioSim has provided sponsorship support to:


The 17th European Seminar on Computational Methods in Quantum Chemistry (ESCMQC2017), Harper Adams University (UK) on 11th - 14th July 2017 - website

First Conference for Research Software Engineers, Museum of Science and Industry Manchester (UK) on 15-16th September 2016 - website

Big Data in Biomolecular Systems Conference, UCL (UK) on 9th September 2016 - website

Computational Chemistry Gordon Research Conference, PGA Catalunya Business and Convention Centre (Spain) on 24th - 29th June 2016 - website

Young Modellers Forum of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society,  The old Naval College Greenwich (UK) on 27th November 2015 - website

Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society meeting Membrane Signalling and Transport: Computation and Experiment, Oxford University (UK) on 15th - 17th April 2015 - website

ICMS Workshop New Frontiers in the Characterization of Molecular Systems, Edinburgh University (UK) on 9th - 10th April 2015 - website

CMS Conference, The University of Warwick (UK) on 15th - 18th March 2015 - website

Computational Chemistry Gordon Research Conference, Mount Snow, VT (USA) on 20th - 25th July 2014 - website